John Volz Law Office - John Volz: Horrible and Unprofessional Attorney

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I hired attorney John Volz to represent me in a family law hearing.He came unprepared and did not overrule any inappropriate disclosures/heresay from occurring.

I felt I wasn't even sure what side he was on most of the time. He lied about his experience and having been in the Judges court in the past. He is completely unprofessional and will not return phone calls. He told me what I wanted to hear not what was the truth.

If you want a shot a winning your case you must look to another lawyer.John Volz is all talk and no action.

Review about: Unprofessional Attorney.



He was great.So prepared and listened to everything I had to say.

I felt so protected and represented in court. I would recommend him to anyone going throug this.

Thank you Ms.Volz.


I have nothing but positive feedback for Mr Volz in assisting me with my ongoing court battle. Hard to believe .... He's a outstanding advocate for me in court and mediation.


Anonymous: Did you know that John Volz's ex wife got a restraining order on him?That is public record.

Who is crazy!

He loves money but isn't prepared to work for it.


Where does one go to complain about a crazy client who you try to help, but is so crazy that she will not listen to you or anyone, not even her "friends", and proves to the Judge that she is dangerous and crazy, and stalks her therapist and then her lawyer who tried to help her. There needs to be a site where crazy consumers can be reviewed and prople can be warned to stay away from them. Someone, please create that website.

West Bromwich, England, United Kingdom #217831

I had the same experience. ALL TALK!

West Bromwich, England, United Kingdom #217427

He was really bad. He has a hard time listening, quite arrogant.

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